Kadoink Seized By Creditors

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Kadoink, a text messaging marketing startup based in San Francisco, has been seized by creditor Hercules Technology Growth Capital after failing to maintain the financial requirements of a $2.5 million line of credit. CEO Scott Cahill says that there is still a “substantial amount of cash remaining” that is being returned to Hercules, and that they are looking for a strategic buyer to keep the service alive.

The company has announced just $5 million in funding from Sutter Hill Ventures, but they may have burned through substantially more than that. There was rumored to be a previous angel round of nearly $2 million, and the founders took $3 million or so off the table in 2008. Sutter Hill may also have bridged the company an additional $2 million Along with the venture debt, the company may have raised as much as $14 million in capital. At this point, all equity holders other than the cashed-out founders are wiped out.

The startup provided text messaging based marketing services on behalf of brands, similar to competitor Mozes. We’ve added it to the deadpool.

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