French Fury: Parisians Hit The Streets In Protest Against Facebook Redesign

Granted, Facebook’s recent redesign came with a couple of flaws, and lots of people were upset about the changes, but resorting to street protests to try and turn them around?

Apparently, a few people have gathered in Paris to protest against the changes in Facebook, and Alex van Herwijnen was nice enough to send us some pictures he snagged while visiting the French capital. The protesters can be found at the Arche de la Défense, holding signs saying that they’re against the new version of Facebook and that they want the old one back.

Clearly, they’re not happy with the redesign even if Facebook has already made some changes due to user complaints (against Michael’s advice), or maybe they’re just really pissed because it’s still confusing their mothers.

From the looks of it, this is probably a prank or more likely part of a video shoot or something. TechCrunch France’s Alain Eskenazi and I looked around for reports in French media, but couldn’t find anything.

I also did a quick search on Facebook to see if there were any related groups or events on the site, but had trouble finding anything in the messy new interface. Maybe I should head down to Paris and voice my complaints with the other protesters?