CrunchDeals: MoGo mouse for $30

Remember the MoGo mouse? It’s a Bluetooth laptop mouse that rests and recharges in a PCMCIA slot until it’s needed. is selling it for $30 while it’s priced at $55+ elsewhere. Perhaps the slow death of PCMCIA slots in laptops has something to do with the low price.

Here’s the product description:

“MoGo MouseBT is a business-card sized, Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges neatly insidethats right, insideyour laptop computers PC card slot when its not being used. MoGo MouseBT is a technologically advanced wonder, featuring patent-pending optics and a system that automatically levers the mouse up into your hand as you work. With no batteries to replace, the MoGo MouseBT recharges in less than an hour in the PC card slot of your laptop.”

If you like the idea but you don’t have a PCMCIA slot, there are ExpressCard versions available as well.

MoGo Wireless Bluetooth Mouse BT []