Oprah's First Tweet Will Be Tomorrow On Her Show. Soccer Moms To Take Over The Service?

picture-83Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has taken control of her own Twitter name, @oprah, she announced on her Facebook page today. And tomorrow, she’ll start using it, on her show.

Apparently, her guest tomorrow will be the man she calls “the King of Twitter,” Ashton Kutcher. I’m sure he’ll be talking about his race for a million followers on the service (he should be there by then), and presumably about his pledge to help fight malaria in Africa if he crosses the million mark before CNN.

Knowing this, Twitter CEO Evan Williams tweet from earlier today makes a lot more sense. “Tomorrow just became a very big day. (Sorry for the teaser — more later.),” he wrote. And it should be a very big day indeed. Oprah is known for her loyal (some may say “rabid”) following, as she can turn any book or product she talks about on her show into pure gold. And Twitter will likely be no different. I suspect Twitter may see its biggest one day jump in new sign ups tomorrow — certainly, it will be the largest influx of women of a certain age group into the service in one day.

After a month in which it gained some 5 million new users, one might wonder how Twitter can sustain such growth. Well, getting an endorsement from Oprah will help — big time.

Oprah’s Twitter account has “just” 30,000 follower as of the time of this writing. Come tomorrow around this time, she should have well into the hundreds of thousands. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pass both Kutcher and CNN, eventually. But tomorrow, Kutcher will undoubtedly see his Twitter followers see a huge surge as well — especially if he does talk about helping the fight against malaria.

Of course, I still wonder if the race for followers isn’t hurting Twitter as a medium in some regards, but there’s no stopping Oprah.