Kyocera teases with a combo of concepts


Beginning at CTIA09, Kyocera has been showing off mockups of concepts they’ve got lurking around the labs. While the hard plastic mockups they’ve shown previously didn’t do much for us, they’ve since moved on to 3D renders – and boy, are they pretty. We’re going to go ahead and ignore the fact that the technologies required for these handsets (such as practically priced flexible OLEDs) are at least a couple of years away, and just start drooling over them now.


First up is the EOS, essentially a big foldable OLED screen. But its got a couple of tricks up its sleeve: when partially unfolded, the back surface functions as a QWERTY keyboard. As you continue to fold/unfold it, kinetic generators within the device recharge it. Sound crazy? Sure! But that’s what concepts are for.


(Slightly) less abstract is the NXT. Take an iPhone, and pack 4 detachable OLED displays into the body. For good measure, toss a solar panel on the back. As long as you don’t go losing your screens, it could mean for some awesome on-the-go accelerator based gaming.

Want to see more? Core77‘s got a couple more shots. [Via OLED-Info]