Kutcher Plays His Pied Piper Flute And Gets A Million Twitter Followers

Pied Piper.inddThe first man in space. The first man on the moon. The first man with a million Twitter followers. Yes, this is one of those great achievements in human history. Congratulations Ashton Kutcher.

His upbringing on Twitter was a humble one. The hugely popular actor started with just a handful of followers when he signed up a few months ago. But soon, he and his famous actress wife, Demi Moore, were adding thousands of followers a day. They would talk about nothing, like everyone else on Twitter, and sometimes they would talk about each other. It’s a true web success story.

Seriously though, I, like the rest of you, am glad this is over. A million users is significant only in that it means Twitter is hugely popular — which we already knew. And that it’s getting taken over by celebrities — which a lot of us saw coming. Much more interesting will be when some non-celebrity feed passes a million followers. But it may be a long time before that happens. The name of the game on Twitter is self promotion, and celebrities have a huge advantage in that department over regular folks.

It’s nice that Kutcher will be donating 10,000 bed nets to fight malaria in Africa. Hopefully we’ll hear about that more tomorrow when he’s on Oprah (and she starts tweeting). We’ll see if Kutcher also follows through on his initial promise to ding dong ditch Ted Turner.