Kabutom MX-03
beetle robot

Japanese geek builds awesome giant beetle robot for some reason (video)

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We are all doomed. A Japanese man from Ibaraki Prefecture with too much time has built a gigantic bug mecha that not only looks awesome but also actually works. Takahashi-san is 60 and has begun building the thing in 1998 and now owns a fifteen ton robot. The monster is an impressive eleven meters long.

The mecha, dubbed Kabutom RX-03, is equipped with a cool control panel, can be remote-controlled (which is especially awesome) and is shaped like a rhinoceros beetle. This is what I call a cool hobby project (Takahashi is an engineer, after all).


The Kabutom RX-03 was shown on Japanese TV last night. I missed it, but luckily someone put up the video on YouTube (see below).

Via AltJapan

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