GameStop, the arbiter of the video game industry, would like to see some price cuts


Since when the does video game industry bow to what GameStop thinks? Your guess is as good as mine, but the company’s CEO Dan DeMatto, wants Sony and Nintendo to cut the price of the PS3 and Wii, respectively. That’s all well and good—who wouldn’t want to see the PS3 at $199?—but why should GameStop be the kingmaker?

Anyway, Mr. DeMatto gave a lengthy interview to CNBC, where he pontificated on everything under the sun. To recap:

• He wants price cuts for the above-mentioned systems. Fair enough.

• He thinks the new Call of Duty will be one of the best selling games of the year.

• He sees “excitement” surrounding DJ Hero. My prediction regarding that game: either it will bomb terribly (because all of 10 Americans know who Deadmau5, Radio Slave and Skylark are); or it will make DJing and producing huge in this country. Everyone going to the Sullivan Room in New York will be all, “Bah, I can so that.”

The Beatles: Rock Band will also do well. Fair enough.

• He thinks there will be a “key property” from Nintendo by the end of the year—Zelda, maybe?

So yeah, that’s what GameStop thinks. One of these days we’ll do a whole “What’s the deal with GameStop?” post(s).