Socializr 'Event Connect' Looks To Be Your Comprehensive Social Calendar

Socializr, an Evite competitor that allows users to coordinate party planning and invitations, is launching a new product today called ‘Event Connect’ that allows users to aggregate and respond to all of their events from sites like Facebook, Meetup, MySpace, and Evite in one place.

The site has integrated with each of these social networks/event sites using services like Facebook Connect, allowing users to see available events that they’ve been invited to, as well as the events their friends are attending. Each of the sites that Socializr taps into has different degrees of support when it comes to friends and photo sharing, so some options won’t always be available.

Because the site can showcase both the events you’re attending and those being attended by your friends, things can get crowded quickly. So Event Connect also features a number of filters, allowing you to specify at what thresholds you’d like an event to appear on your radar (for example, I can specify that I only want to view events being attended by five or more of my friends). Event Connect can also pull photos from multiple sources, like Flickr and Picasa, and display them side by side. Finally, the service makes it easy to send invitations to an event across multiple social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, at the same time.

Socializr’s Event Connect sounds like a solid idea, especially for users who have their event invitations scattered across a half dozen social networks and Evite-like services. But it’s still another pseudo-social network that I’ll have to keep tabs on – I’d much rather get a weekly digest in my inbox letting me know which events are coming up rather than have to keep revisiting the site.