We at CrunchGear salute Newsoap!

It’s easy in these dark economic times to wallow in misery and wait for a handout from the federal government. Whatever happened to that “Can Do!” American spirit that put a man on the moon, and bacon in pre-wrapped packaging? Thankfully there are some keeping the flame of invention alive, and working to make an honest buck along the way. Witness Newsoap, bringing you new soap in recycled packaging.

While most of us are probably trying to cash in our glass bottles for a deposit or refund, the folks at Newsoap are cleaning them and filling them with name-brand hand soap, for sale to citizens like you and me.

We sell brand new liquid soap packaged in old plastic soda bottles, plastic water bottles and glass beer bottles to help clean up our environments.

Each bottle is cleaned, sanitized and processed for reuse as packaging for your favorite brand of liquid soap.

Heck, they even offer to buy your old glass and plastic bottles from you! No more messing around with the hassle of recycling!

Good on yer, Newsoap! Keep up the good work!