Palm's security is a little lax: Pres spotted in San Fran

Palm Island, an uncharted waterfortress in the icy cold waters of the Bering Straight is as imposing as the fist of a dark god. Behind five-foot thick steel walls, a door that is made of adamantium and concrete, and a security system that uses DNA sequencing to validate the all and every entry attempt lies the Palm Pre. An army of 5,000 guards, highly trained in the arts of Tae Bo, marches up and down the square at random intervals and laser-toting sea birds wheel over the commanding fortress, their eyes trained on the beaches for anything out of the ordinary – a crab, a boat, a starfish. This is the Palm Pre security system, a system so tight that you can’t even hold the Pre – a PR person with a special brain implant must hold it for you while you look at it.

Or then you can just be two dudes out in a park in San Francisco and totally just take some pictures of passersby. Whatever. Your choice.

It shows two people, whose identities are unknown, rocking Palm Pres. An eagle eyed attendee spotted them and managed to chat the pair up before snapping a few pics. The stealth photog tells us that the Pre-toting pair claim to have been using the handsets for several weeks now. In fact, they supposedly weren’t all that blown away by the device at first, but recent updates to the handsets have converted them into satisfied users. When asked about a public release, the duo’s only response was that we “probably won’t have to wait too much longer”.