OQO could be hurting

Ah OQO. You basically made us all want you. You teased, you upgraded, and now, in the middle of this downturn and, in the face of massive competition by far inferior netbooks, you might be dying.

JKOntheRun is reporting that the OQO Model 02+ won’t be sold, the company is in grave financial trouble, and eXpansys, an OQO reseller, has pulled the new product off the shelves.

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately eXpansys has taken the decision, due to uncertainties
to stock availability of the OQO Model 2+, to remove the OQO model
from our web site.

While we try to keep the information on our web site fully up to date
with the status of each product, inevitably in some cases we are not
informed that a particular item is no longer available until after we
have orders for it.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Order Processing

Goodbye, my darling little palmtop. Goodbye.