MSI Wind U115 clears 25 hours with nine-cell battery option

Johannes over at German site was able to push a nine-cell MSI Wind U115 – the one with the hybrid SSD + HDD setup announced at CES this year – past the 25 hour mark using the Battery Eater notebook benchmarking test.

It should be noted that the 25 hour figure was attained as the computer sat idle. LAPTOP pushed the nine-cell U115 earlier this year to just over ten and a half hours by letting the machine undergo constant web surfing. Assuming that you’re not going to constantly flip between web pages for that long, real-world results should settle in between 10.5 and 25 hours before needing to recharge.

Of course, we’re all still waiting for the U115 to hit the market here in the US. It’s supposed to launch in the UK sometime in May for £499. That’s $729 in US dollars, although I’d think it wouldn’t cost that much stateside. The initial announcement featured three- and six-cell versions, so it’s likely that US pricing might begin at or around $500 or so.

U115 MSI wind with 9 cell battery at idle: 25:04 hours! [ via Wired]