Jim Breyer Joins Dell Board Of Directors, Fast Becoming Most Powerful Man In Silicon Valley

Jim Breyer, a partner at Accel Partners, joined the board of directors of Dell today. That’s interesting in itself, but the man also sits on the board of Facebook, Walmart and Marvel, as well as a number of younger startups.

On a daily basis Breyer sees a flow of non public information (retail sales at Walmart, Facebook’s monetization plans, Marvel’s thoughts on the promise and peril of digital distribution, Dell’s plans to stay relevant) that would be the envy of anyone.

I’ve long had a warm place in my heart for Breyer, who managed to defuse the absurd legal situation that arose last year when we put on an Iron Man screening. Marvel tried to shut it down for a variety of reasons. Breyer, realizing the ridiculousness of the situation, called back the attack dogs and the screening went forward. I’ve had a man crush on him ever since.