Is this the Nikon D5000? [Update 2]

nikon-d5000This looks like something that may or may not be a future D5000 SLR with bigger flash, microphone (for video) and a maybe even full frame sensor. Kor krikey!

We’ve been following this yeti for some time now and it seems that NikonRumor’s rumors are coming true. To recap, they thought the D5000 would drop during PMA.

So far the only spec leaked is that the camera will be loaded with a 12.3 MP sensor which is in line with previous reports that the D5000’s image quality would be on par with the D90 who just so happens to also sport a 12.3 MP sensor. Nice.

Update: Nikon Rumors manged to dig up two more pics of the upcoming camera. Plus, the site is claiming that the D5000 should hit stores on May 1st, 2009. No official word from Nikon yet though.

Update 2:  The leaks keep on flowing. Nikon Rumors found some specs via who also lists the camera for 84,800 Yen, which works out to be $844. Seems ’bout right from a discount retailer. MSRP to be around a $1k?

  • Bali-angle LCD, 2.7 inch?
  • D movie image editing and enhanced scene mode
  • Silent Mode AF
  • 11-point target tracking AF 
  • ISO3200high sensitivity support