RIM picks up ex-Apple and Microsoft design guru

donlindsayDon Lindsey has been a busy man the last decade and a half. Going from Apple where he might have had a major role in early iPhone developments, to Microsft where he worked in Live Labs, he’s been around the block a time or two. Now it’s RIMs turn who made the man VP of User Experience, which confirms that the companies commitment to developing stellar OSs. Research in Motion needs to keep up its game now that everyone, including Microsoft, is charging forward with new mobile platforms and Don might be able to help.

Look at his past: He was involved with Apple through OS 8 to 10.3 where the company made huge strides in OS usability. OS X eventually surpassed Windows in terms of usability during his tenure. Windows fans might argue that, but the man left in 2003, which is when MS was working on craptastic Vista. There is even a chance that he was involved with early iPhone development, but his influence would have been very limited given the time frame.

After Apple, he moved to Microsoft where he was a software architect and eventually headed up Live Labs and eventually put out the stupendous Photosynth.com app. There is no question that this man has drive and vision, but lets hope that it carries over to the mobile field. RIM’s next-gen OS is key to the companies longevity. Apple, and even Microsoft, has shown major commitment to the mobile market, and this isn’t saying that RIM hasn’t, but here’s hoping that Don Lindsey can lead the company forward.