Is $150 too much for a World of Warcraft latex mask?


Friday being what it is and all (read: a complete waste of time), here’s something that, while utterly pointless, may put a smile on your face. (It may put a frown on your face, too, depending on your persuasion.) Yes, it’s a proper World of Warcraft mask, made of genuine latex, a wondrous compound that has been bringing man joy for some time now.

I spy only Orc and Tauren masks; no Alliance, friends. (But there are Night Elf ears!) The Tauren one is $142.99, which, I don’t know, is that the going rate for latex masks? (The Orc is a more reasonable $49.99.)

In the spirit of [Good] Friday, here’s a silly World of Warcraft video. Note that I said “silly,” not “interesting” or “funny.”

via Kotaku