Nintendo sells the heck out of the DSi in the US, new features mentioned

Earlier today at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata made it abundantly clear that his company is doing just fine despite the global recession.

When asked about discounting the cost of the Wii, he responded by saying that consumers don’t care about price if it’s on their “wish list,” which the Wii clearly is and that Nintendo has no plans to drop the price anytime soon. However, Iwata did say that it could happen down the road.

On the DSi front, Nintendo sold over 300,000 units in the first two days of going on sale in the US. The same can be said in Europe, says Iwata. It was unclear whether the following plans are meant for the DS Lite or DSi, but I’m sure they apply to both models. Sometime in the future the DS will get maps, coupons and guidance when you’re at a museum or mall.

“Convenience in life will be enhanced by having a DS,” Miyamoto said.

I really wish Miyamoto had given the GDC speech instead of Iwata.