Former Apple designer turns to grills


If you’re in the market for a nice-looking grill but you aren’t too keen on spending thousands of dollars, Fuego’s new “Element” series might be more to your liking. Taking some features from the Fuego 01, which can be found for around $3000 and the Fuego 02 for around $1700, the Element grills slim down to a more patio-friendly size and run from $399 to $599. Oh, and the Element line’s looks come from former Apple designer Robert Brunner.

Aside from just grilling stuff, you can also use different attachments to cook various food in different ways. There’s a pizza stone top, a griddle plate, and a roasting lid with a built-in temperature gauge and vents that “transforms the grill into a convection-like oven, allowing consumers to barbecue, slow-cook, roast and even bake.”

The three grills will be “available early spring” — the stainless steel Element 01 for $599, the gray Element 02 with prep tray for $499, and the Element 03 available in white or red for $399. They’re pictured from left to right up top, with the red and white ones on the right both being the Element 03 model.

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