Sosius launches a zoomable fractal map of data pleasure and pain

I don’t cover enterprise applications often, but today Sosius launches something that not only made me sit up and notice, but I could also see scaling into a tool which almost any web application could make use of. Sosius provides online collaboration and group workspaces, but before you close this tab, you need to check out their new visualization application. This is a fascinating tool I’ve seen demonstrated live which allows you to plug in any kind of data and then map it into a fractal map that can be zoomed into – almost to an infinite point, depending on how deep the data goes.

The tool was originally designed to allow businesses to visualize where the pressure and pain points were in their projects. The visualization is colour-coded and reveals patterns, trends and oddities on any
given project which has structured data. So for example, imagine you have a profit and loss spreadsheet which pertains to a multitude of different departments within a complex organisation. Using Sosius , you can upload the document, click on the the visualization tool, and then see problems areas marked out in red, with varying shades all the way out to the areas that are doing well, which are outlined in green. The effect, as it was being demoed to me last week in San Francisco, was startling enough to attract the attention of a health-care company person who promptly handed their card to Andrew Cameron-Webb, CTO and founder of Sosius.

That works in terms of enterprisises. But what about wider web applications? Where it gets interesting is that Sosius has a full open API which anyone can apply to their data. This already allows an interface with spreadsheets on Zoho for instance. So in theory you could – for example – plug in a site’s traffic data and instantly drill down into specific pages that are not performing well and work out why.

Cameron-Webb says the tool was built because their clients started asking for it and so they built it, not unlike the Basecamp story. It launch today for enterprise customers and in May for users of the free version of Sosius aimed at SMEs.

To better illustrate the effect check out this screencast: