Seagate delivers new drives for hot and heavy 24/7 usage

seagate_2c_pos-wrSeagate is claiming that their new SV35.5 series is the next step in hard drive technology, though it’s nominally just a new type of drive intended for video surveillance recording and other heavy 24/7 use. Seagate has also stated that these drives are intended for end users that constantly shuffle and read massive files that require a larger processing load. Sounds like your average bittorrent user to me.

What sets Seagate’s new drives apart is that they have lower power consumption at 7200RPM (5W) then many other drives have while idling. Combine that with a massive data transfer rate of 140 MB/s and you’ve got a truly uncompromising hard drive.

Available in 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB sizes, they’ve pretty much covered the spectrum that most users shop in. No word at this time on pricing or availability, but I’m sure it’ll be “pretty expensive” and “real soon now”.

[via Tom’s Hardware]