Orchestrate: SaaS Task Management For Service And Maintenance Businesses

Orchestrate is a new management platform built for service and maintenance companies that allows businesses to collaboratively create and use schedules, projects, and tasks. While similar SaaS solutions have existed for some time, Orchestrate tries to separate itself from the pack by offering location-specific tasks. This distinction makes it ideal for service companies that frequently have to visit different locations on a regular basis.

Each employee can have their own profile, which includes their contact information, qualifications, and a list of their upcoming events and active projects. There are also group-oriented calendars which can be viewed by multiple employees. The interface is clean (if a bit spartan), and is easy to set up without any prior experience using other SaaS offerings.

Orchestrate offers five different types of accounts, including a free option (which supports two projects and up to five users), Small (5 projects and unlimited users for $19/month), and Max, which offers unlimited projects and users for $200/month. The higher tiers also offer secure SSL encryption, which makes them more appealing to larger companies where security is a concern.