Samsung OmniaHD loses its name


What’s in a name? That which we call a Samsung OmniaHD, by any other name would look just as sweet. That’s a good thing for Samsung, because the OmniaHD is gettin’ a name change.

Well, we should say, a name drop. It has always been alternatively known by its model number, the i8910 – but now they’re dropping the OmniaHD moniker all together. From here on out, it’ll be simply the Samsung i8910. That’s the only thing changing, as far as we know, so that big ol’ AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, crazy loud speakers, and the 720p video recording are still right where they belong.

So why are they abandoning the catchier name for a string of characters which would seem random to nearly everyone?

Samsung’s response:

To avoid confusion between the original Omnia, which is Windows Mobile, and OmniaHD, which is Symbian, Samsung is deferring to the model number.

If Samsung’s working to keep the Omnia name associated with Windows Mobile, it’s probably safe to guess we’ll see more WinMo phones given the Omnia name in the future.