T-Mo's full 2009 line-up leaked

For those of you in high school, be prepared to get your mind blown. The Sidekick 2009 is coming May 13, the Wing II is coming on July 22nd and the HTC Snap is coming July 1. A few other models are rolling out of T-Mo this summer, but those are some of the greats.

The folks at have found the full summer line-up including a prepaid Nokia 1661. Boring feature phones aside, I’m actually quite excited about the new Sidekick – I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for SK since it saved my life back in ‘Nam and generally made email and IM amazingly easy. Full list after the jump.

* “Blade” (Sidekick 2009) – May 13
* HTC “Maple”/”Snap” – July 1st (contrary to earlier speculation, this seems to confirm a T-Mobile variant)
* HTC “Rhodium”/Wing II – July 22nd (also known as the Touch Pro 2)
* HTC “Sapphire”/”Magic” – TBD. Sorry folks.. we’ll keep you posted (a.k.a. G2)
* Sony Ericsson “CS8″ – June 24th (8mp camera? Is this the Android device they’ve been talking about?)
* Nokia 1661 (prepaid) – April 29th (We know, a week later than previously mentioned. But you know the wait will be SO worth it. No… really… it will be… )
* Samsung T349 (prepaid) – May 6th
* Samsung T239 (prepaid) – May 13th
* Samsung T559 – July 15th
* Samsung T469 – July 15th (just a simple two-tone gray, apparently)
* Samsung T749 – July 22nd (2 colors for this one: red/orange and two-tone gray)
* Samsung T659 – August 19th