Rumor: Nokia still looking at netbooks, going with Foxconn as the OEM?

Remember back in February when Nokia’s CEO went on the record saying they were “looking very actively” at pushing out some Nokia-branded laptops? It looks like they may have moved past the “looking” stage.

According to TheStreet‘s unnamed sources, Nokia has partnered with Taiwanese super-manufacturer Foxconn for their laptop (or, as we postulated before, their netbook) endeavors. Never heard of them? Look around your house. Got a PS2, PS3, Wii, 360, Kindle, Mac Mini, iPhone, or any one of countless other electronic goodies? It came out of a Foxconn plant.

If Nokia’s laptop is indeed a netbook, the move makes sense; netbook profit margins are about as slim as they come, so going with one of the masters of mass production is probably a better idea than going at it alone.