EVERYONE! There is a new Nikon coming! Spy Shots!!!

OMG. It seems that the rest of the internet has finally caught wind of the upcoming Nikon DSLR and is currently climaxing over some spy shots of said camera. The supposed spy shots do not reveal much of the D60’s successor (perhaps called the D5000) we haven’t covered over the last few months with the exception of what appears to be a movable, and perhaps live, LCD screen. That is, of course, if these spy shots are real.

Look at the picture. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange. Like, was the original photographer standing out on a balcony or ledge and just so happened to notice the unreleased camera in the wild. But the photographer was too far away for a zoom lens to capture and so the picture had to be cropped to bring the camera into view. The dubious forum post states that the pics are of a commercial shoot someplace in Eastern Europe.

Speaking of Eastern Europe, Nikon has a press event scheduled for April 14 where the company might reveal their Spring ’09 lineup which might include the camera pictured above.