Tomb Raider Anniversary only $5 today; New Crysis Wars free trial week soon?; ridiculous Bundesliga goal


Here’s two PC game deals you might enjoy. One is Tomb Raider Anniversary, the re-make of the original 1996 game, available on Steam for the rest of the day (sorry, caught the news late) for 75 percent off its regular price. That puts it at $5. I don’t know, could be worth checking out (I haven’t played a Tomb Raider game since Tomb Raider II.)

And there’s more! Yup, it looks like Crysis Wars will have another free trial week soon, perhaps as early as next weekend, April 9. Isn’t Crysis the game that requires a nuclear-powered video card to run well?

In other news, check out this goal from yesterday’s Bayern Munich v. Wolfsburg game. It has to be a goal of the season candidate, if not winner, for sure. Be sure to watch the HD version of the video.