Vista almost banned from Texas government computers (!!!ROFL!!!)

What’s up now, Ballmer! The entire State of Texas is one step closer to banning the somewhat craptastic Windows Vista from government computers ’cause one State Senator heard the OS has problems. State agencies will have to receive written approval from the Finance Committee once the rider is enacted. Just to recap, this is because Senator Juan Hinojosa heard “of the many reports of problems with Vista.” This is really funny at first, but who is thinking of the State IT workers? Seriously! Who is thinking of them!

Windows Vista is a great redheaded step kid to beat, but the OS has really matured. The first few versions were buggy as hell, and sure, there continues to be issues. (I hate the networking) However, it’s a stable OS now. It works mostly fine and is the default OS on 99.9% (or something like that) of off the shelf computers. So, if a random government office needs a notebook quickly, will said office will need to get written permission from the Finance Committee before purchasing one from Best Buy? That’s our government at work, folks.

One Texas company, *cough* Dell *cough* is probably ordering up an Herman Miller Embody for every employee though thanks to this mandate and its $150 downgrade to XP fee.