Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone Apps Will Soon Be Available On The iPhone

Want to learn how to create an iPhone app? Later this week, aspiring app creators will be able to start watching a popular Stanford computer science course on developing iPhone apps right on their iPhones. Stanford will start distributing the course for free as a video podcast throughiTunes U. (The podcasts can also be watched on iPods and computers, obviously).

With more than 25,000 apps out there, which have been downloaded more than 800 million times, the competition is fierce for making the best apps. Apple itself provides a wealth of information for developers about its SDK, but for those who need a little more guidance or a refresher in the basics, watching these videos is like continuing education. The videos are not on iTunes yet, but the first one should appear within the next few days.

Why pay to go to Stanford when you can get the lecture on iTunes for free?