Microsoft Releases All New Windows Live Client For Windows Mobile

Windows Live may seem like a failure in the eyes of many a TechCrunch reader, but there are a number of services that continue to thrive within the scope of a vast, mainstream audience. Hence it’s worth noting that Microsoft has released a new application for Windows Mobile devices that encompasses a slew of Live services used by dozens of millions of people every day.

The new version (v10.06.0046.0800) of the Windows Live For Windows Mobile client, which is evidently free of charge, includes mobile versions of Windows Live Hotmail (works with both both pull and push sync), Windows Live Messenger (finally!), Windows Live Contacts, Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft Live Search and enhanced photo upload capabilities. The app comes in a Pro version for touch-enabled devices and a Standard version for non-touch phones, and is available in 25 languages.

The mobile web version is also still available, and features a new beta version of Windows Live Hotmail which offers a number of welcome additions like the ability to see full HTML pages within e-mail messages and a new email search feature, next to a revamped UI and navigation enhancements for touch-screen devices.

(Hat tip to Microsoftie Coolz0r on Twitter)