DiggBar Is Here. Go Shorten Those URLs

Last month we wrote about the new Digg toolbar product called DiggBar. It launched today. If you want to try it out immediately, just add “digg.com/” before any URL at all (the image above is using the techcrunch domain).

The toolbar is made for the new Twitter generation, which has a desperate need for very short URLs to fit in the tiny space allotted per message. Digg is going to be a popular player in this space because of the easy way to create the URLs (just pop digg.com in front of anything), as well as the stats that they provide in the toolbar wrapper: number of views, comments on the story, and related stories.

StumbleUpon has their own product called su.pr coming shortly as well.

Here’s the official post from Digg on the product, and a demo video:

DiggBar from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.