Digg To Finally Fix Search – See The Screenshot

Digg may have 19 million unique visitors and nearly 85 million pageviews (Comscore worldwide, Feb ’09), but one thing it’s never had is a decent search engine. There’s no rhyme or reason to the ordering of results. A lot of stuff just seems to disappear. And the filters are overly complicated.

That’ll change in the near future, the company noted in a blog post today. And since we’re so curious about what the new Digg search will look like, we hammered them until they gave up a screenshot.

The new search appears to have much more relevant results, taking into account the popularity of the story as well as the newness for “best match.” Other simple filters include “most dugg” and “newest first.” Compare that to the very old, not very relevant results you get now.

The new search also has a left sidebar with key stats, such as aging, how many stories with a certain number of Diggs, stories broken out by media type (news, video, images), and by topic.