Specs confirmed for MSI X-Slim series, US launch in May


Looks like the MSI X320 and X340 from the upcoming X-Slim series won’t hit the previously-believed April launch date, instead gracing us with their presence sometime in May. We’ll get a couple more color options, too, aside from the white casing as they’ll be available in black and silver as well. Here are the rest of the specs:


Most everything else seems to be pretty dead-on against previous reports, although this time the specs come straight from MSI. The X320 and X340 will share the same chassis design but will differ in CPU, graphics chipset, RAM speed, hard drive size, wireless connections, and video ports. Pricing will start at $700 for the X320 and “under $1000” for the X340.

The MSI Wind U123 has also been announced for a May release. Specs include a 1.66GHz Atom N280 CPU, XP Home, 10.2-inch LCD at 1024×600, 160GB hard drive, six- and nine-cell battery options, and a starting weight of 2.98 pounds. It’ll be available in white, gray, blue, and red.

[via SlashGear]