MySpace Stealth Webmail Product Definitely Happening (Internal Memo)

In January we wrote about rumors of MySpace launching a webmail product that would compete head on with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. At launch it could be as large as some of the biggest players in the space.

The company has been reassigning internal email addresses ( to a new domain name (, which is exactly what Yahoo and others did when launching webmail services. There is no other reasonable explanation for the changeover, which is extremely disruptive to communications. That changeover had been happening quietly since late last year. But today Fox Interactive Media, the soon to be disbanded corporate parent of MySpace, sent an email to all MySpace employees. That email is copied below.

It doesn’t seem like much, but this is as good as confirmation that we’ll be seeing MySpace launching a full webmail product in the near future.

MySpace PR would not comment on this story. Fox Interactive Media hasn’t yet returned my call.

Greetings from FIM Corporate IT;

IT has assigned all MySpace employees corporate email addresses with an alias that matches your current corporate email. Company-wide, MySpace is migrating from the to Effective immediately, all outward bound corporate emails will be sent FROM and will REPLY TO

You will continue to receive all emails sent to, however will be your primary corporate email address.

Feel free to update your email signatures however, there is currently no need to alert your contacts or order new business cards.

It’s our goal to make this migration as transparent and simple as possible. If you encounter any issues with your corporate email please contact FIM Helpdesk (

Thank you for your time.