Japanese toilet analyzes stool, beams results to cell phones via personalized URLs


As just about any other gaijin living in Japan, I came to love Japanese toilets. They have multiple buttons and functions to play around with, keep your bottom warm during cold days and are generally totally over-engineered. While this is pretty cool and fine with me, Japan’s Inax has now overdone it with a very interesting online feature.

The nation’s No. 2 manufacturer of “sanitary fixtures” has developed a toilet terminal that informs you about the structure of your stool via a personalized URL (now consider another big problem for mankind solved). The FKF-20M [JP] (pictured below) is a remote control stand that’s compatible with a number of Inax high-tech toilets.


This is how it works:

After the job is done and the toilet analyzes your excreta (amount of bacteria, body fat etc.), a URL containing information about the results of the analysis is created and automatically sent to your cell phone via an infrared connection (there are infrared panels serving as no-touch flush sensors in most modern toilets in Japan). Users can then open the corresponding page on their mobile browser and check their health. It’s magical.

The FKF-20M is of course Japan-only and costs $560. It goes on sale within this month. I will test the thing personally when I find one, promised.

Via Digital World Tokyo