Survey Says: Workers Are More Worried About Their Colleagues Being Laid Off Than Themselves

When it comes to layoffs, the light always seems darker over your co-worker’s cubicle. A new employee confidence survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of company/job review site shows that 26 percent of respondents are concerned about being out of work in the next six months. That is up from 21 percent in the last quarter. But when asked about their colleagues, a full 44 percent said some of them wouldn’t last through the summer. You never think you are the one who is going to get fired until your boss calls you into his office for a little chat.

More than half of those surveyed, 57 percent, said that layoffs or planned layoffs had occurred at their companies the past six months. Other findings from the survey:

  • 35 percent think their company’s outlook will improve over the next six months
  • 51 percent think their company’s outlook will stay the same
  • 36 percent of employees still expect a raise, down from 40 percent last quarter
  • 39 percent are confident they could find another job with comparable pay and experience if they had to
  • 70 percent would be willing to take on more projects and responsibities to keep their jobs
  • 62 percent would be willing to work longer hours to keep their jobs
  • 40 percent would be willing to take a pay cut
  • 35 percent would be willing to accept reduced health or dental benefits
  • 34 percent would take an unpaid leave of absence to save their jobs longterm
  • 30 percent would give up vacation time

Interesting what people value the most. More people would take a pay cut before giving up health benefits or vacation time. What would you give up to keep your job? Full survey results embedded below:
Glassdoor Employee Confidence Survey 1Q09 – Get more Business Plans