Anti-DIY: 4 Senses Lounger costs a lot for something you can make on your own

4 senses lounger
Everyone likes to relax. Some people go to great lengths to create the perfectly relaxing environment for themselves, whether that’s a hammock strung between two trees in the backyard, or a recreation of Capt. James T. Kirk’s venerable Captain’s Chair. Now for people with more money than sense comes the 4 Senses Lounger.

The 4 Senses Lounger incorporates soft ambient light, soothing ambient sounds, pleasant aromatherapy, and a comfortable supine position to ease you into tranquil bliss.

Lie down – close your eyes – let go.

The light of the 4 Senses Lounger gives you a sense of security and warmth. The warmth and the softly vibrating surface have a soothing effect on your body.

Pleasant tones and aromas lead your spirit into a meditative state.

Someone needs to remind the marketing folks that if the user is encouraged to close their eyes, this instantly becomes only a 3 Senses Lounger, a 25% reduction in functionality!


No word on pricing, but you can bet it’ll be expensive. For a couple hundred bucks you can recreate something like this for yourself using that La-Z-Boy in your basement, a couple dozen candles, and your home stereo. Throw a nice comfy blanket over yourself, and snuggle up with a friendly cat on your lap, and you’re done!

Via Born Rich.