Square-Enix "Security Token" for ultra-paranoid MMO players coming April 7

Imagine you’re a serious Final Fantasy XI player. You might be afraid of someone stealing your store of Phoenix Down, or maybe that Coral Sword you’ve worked so hard for. You might be wanting to take steps to protect your investment. Luckily, SquEnix has you sorted out. It may be a bit overkill, but their new “security token” is probably as secure as you’re going to get. Bonus! Free “mog satchel” with every purchase. Your guy can now hold more items.

It’s like one of those doodads that companies give out to travelling employees so they can access secure servers from abroad. The token generates a unique password when you activate it, which is your password for the moment. Next time you want to play, it cooks up a new password, and so on.

The token also doubles as a method to cut down on your playing. Give the token to a friend or spouse and make them promise not to give it to you for a week. You can’t log in even if you get the shakes!

Keep an eye on the FFXI site come the 7th and you can grab one for ten bucks.