Howard Stern is getting a Palm Pre before everyone else


A “shock jock” by the name of Howard Stern is getting a Palm Pre before you will. Before us, even. Palm is going to give Sirius’ $500 million man an in-person hands-on, before whisking the phone away, back to Palm’s lair.

Palm’s doing this because, apparently, Stern is a big fan of theirs; the iPhone, with its lack of keyboard, is a no-go for the man. And, if Palm can get a little good press from Stern, well, all the better for them.

Considering the Pre is more or less Palm’s Hail Mary pass, you’d think they’d spread the love to other, prominent (or, according to Leno, the “most popular show in the history of satellite radio”) satellite radio shows.

In any event, if it works out, it could turn into some nice free advertising for Palm. Good luck, bro.