Guest Post: Working With Michael Arrington On A Personal Project

This is a guest post written by Carol Kravitz, a former fashion executive and the founder and CEO of Kravitz & Associates, an upscale and exclusive matchmaking service. Kravitz is working on a personal project with Michael Arrington and is enlisting TechCrunch readers for their help:

Finding that special someone is serious business (I know, I make a great living by finding lost souls and matching them with that special someone). But I’m not here to pitch my business today – we only take private referrals and frankly if it wasn’t for this terrific opportunity to help out TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, I wouldn’t have agreed to expose my business to this much publicity. But the sheer volume of TechCrunch readers out there means there is a stastically relevant chance that one of you will know someone who might be willing to help.

To be blunt, we’re looking for your help in finding a wife, or at least a serious girlfriend, for Michael. Or even just a dinner date.

Michael hasn’t had a long term girlfriend in years. About six months after he started TechCrunch in 2005 his then serious girlfriend of four years dumped him hard. Apparently blogging for 20 hours a day doesn’t allow for much personal interaction with a significant other. Even today, a restraining order prohibits Michael from visiting parts of Los Angeles.

At this point, things are getting desperate. He just turned 39 years old. He dates little, preferring to stay at home with his dog Laguna playing video games. When he isn’t working, that is.

I understand I don’t have much to work with here. A sedentary 39 year old single man who made questionable career choices and now blogs for a living just doesn’t look good on paper. Nor is it good for the body. On a recent vacation, Michael said he “went for a jog on the beach” and “thought he was having a heart attack within 50 yards.” As far as I can tell his diet consists almost entirely of burritos from Chipotle.

But we’re working on getting him into fighting shape. He’s joined a gym, which was a huge step, although he has yet to go (I get reports from the yet-unused personal trainer we hired, with his permission). He’s on a strict diet. We’re sure to get him in shape soon.

Here’s where you come in. Know someone who’d be interested in a date with Michael? We want to hear from you. Want to date him yourself? Excellent. We’ve got a form for you to fill out, feel free to add your own information or that of someone you know. TechCrunch has millions of monthly readers. Most are bald, middle aged tech geek guys that aren’t a good match. But we’re hoping that at least a few of you have a single sister, or friend. And here’s a special incentive to help out: If you help Michael find “the one,” we guarantee to profile your startup here on TechCrunch.

Looks aren’t nearly as important as who you are, and the form reflects that. Upload a minimum of five pictures and take some time to describe yourself, your hopes, your dreams, and what you’re looking for in a relationship, in 30 characters or less.

We’ll choose the top 25 or so entrants and Michael will have a dinner date with each one of you. Each date will be video streamed live, thanks to our premium sponsor Ustream. Thanks as well to our other sponsors below, who’ll be paying my fee, the finders fee, for the dates and, if all goes well, the wedding. Please note that you’ll be required to wear a hat or a tshirt, at your choice, clearly showing one of the sponsor logos during the date.

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