Yet another possible Apple netbook sighting, this time from Russia


Fast becoming the Sasquatch of the computer world, Apple’s supposed second netbook (the MacBook Air being the first, ROTFLOL!!!) has apparently been spotted in some sort of Russian magazine or newspaper and sent in to for everyone to ogle.

The translated Russian text produces the following specs, according to 9to5mac (they added the stuff in parentheses, not me):

10.4″ wxga display doing 1280×768, LED something (backlit I assume)
267x195x4 (millimeters one would assume)
19.4 mm (for what, I don’t know)
1.03 of something
nvidia ION? nvidia mcp79, 533 MHz
intel atom z740, 1.83 Ghz, 1 meg l2 cache
2 gigs of ddr3-800 ram
geforce 9400M
64 gig ssd
bluetooth 2.1 + edr, 802.11a/b/g/n
1 usb, mini display port
5100 mA battery

So there you have it, two days before April Fool’s Day. Although this wouldn’t really be all that hilarious to anyone. Oh, the Mac netbook is fake? Big surprise there. If it’s to be believed, the title of the Russian article is “Apple MacBook mini” which would go along with Apple’s naming conventions. Based on the above specs, this thing doesn’t look cheap. If anything, it could be a new version of the MacBook Air with the relatively high price tag to go along with it, although the Atom CPU and the NVIDIA ION talk does sound more like a netbook.