Video spoilers: Chris vs. Boulder from Resident Evil 5 is ridiculous


Please note: the following post contains Resident Evil 5 spoilers. If you have not beaten the game please do not read this. That is, if you care about that sort of thing. You have been warned!

So I beat Resident Evil 5 late last night, and in addition to liking the game a whole lot more than I initially did—I still think the inventory system is stupid is as stupid does—I have come to the conclusion that Capcom is staffed with a bunch of crazy persons. Let’s examine the final level, shall we?


First of all, you latch onto a huge jet, commissioned to destroy the planet (thus saving mankind from itself, à la I, Robot) by spreading biological weapons , that launches from a huge tanker. Fair enough. Then you fight Wesker (who’s flying the plane?), and kick him out of the jet. Then the jet crashes, with you aboard, INTO A VOLCANO. Let me repeat: THE JET CRASHES INTO A VOLCANO. What 10-year-old came up with that?!

So here you are, running around a volcano (note that there are crates, with items inside, INSIDE A VOLCANO) chasing after Wesker. Then Chris decides, you know what, I need to punch a boulder. These videos illustrate the absurdity of the concept.

This is the plain jane, original version:

And this is when The Internet does what it does best, make fun of stuff:

Someone has set the scene to a Rage Against The Machine song (warning: the lyrics contain a BAD WORD!):

And this is why, apparently, Chris hates boulders so much:

So there we have it, a few of the first “Chris v. Boulder” videos. I sincerely hope this meme takes off like the Downfall meme did.

HE PUNCHED A BOULDER! Well played, Capcom.