Video Review: Vestalife Butterfly Dock for iPod

The Vestalife Butterfly is an $80 iPod dock with no remote control and so-so sound quality. The build quality is okay, but the whole getup looks like it should be hanging over a baby’s crib. If it cost $30 or $40 it’d be a whole different story, but at $80 this one’s truly for butterfly enthusiasts and family members of Vestalife employees only.



  • Built-in USB port lets you synch your iPod while it’s docked
  • Input/output jacks let you use non-iPod players and headphones
  • Can run on four AA batteries or AC power


  • Costs about twice what it should ($80), no remote control
  • Sound quality is so-so, unit doesn’t get very loud at all
  • Looks and feels like a baby toy

Check out the above video for the full review.

The Butterfly [Vestalife]

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