Twitter Hiring A Concierge To Pamper Celebrities. Requires Schmoozing.

I don’t care much for the celebrity culture, but clearly I’m in the minority judging by the amount of people who read gossip magazines and websites in order to get updates on every move their idols make. Twitter has already proven to be a great way for a number of celebrities to bypass the media and let their audience know what they’re having for lunch straight away, unfiltered, unless of course there’s a PR machine doing the 140-character typing for them.

Either way, Twitter has gotten a ton of (occasionally unfavorable) press thanks to celebrities who join the service and provide their fans with some glimpse into their activities and whereabouts, and even sometimes engage in conversations with them online or by SMS.

Now Twitter is hiring a VIP Concierge to pamper said celebrities, according to their latest job opening on JobScore. His or her job? Make sure the celebrities on Twitter are ‘happy’ and use the service effectively, whatever that means. You can read the rest of the job description on JobScore, but basically Twitter is hiring someone who will have to sway new celebrities into joining the micro-sharing service and make sure the ones who are already on there keep tweeting their hearts out, so the startup can get even more press.

(Via Adam Jackson, image credit to Forbes)