Jonathan Miller, Who's Taking Over MySpace, Doesn't Have A MySpace Profile

As far as we can tell, the guy who’s going to be taking over MySpace along with the rest of News Corp.’s digital assets doesn’t actually use the site itself. We cannot locate a MySpace profile for Jonathan Miller, who will shortly become the CEO of Digital Media for News Corp.

We’re big believers in company executives eating their own dog food, and more often than not they do. But MySpace is a different story – every once in a while they announce new executives who don’t have a MySpace page at all. It’s always fixed promptly, but it’s a bit of an embarrassment.

News Corp., MySpace and Miller all either refused to comment or haven’t responded to our inquiries.

My guess is the MySpace team will be creating one for Miller shortly, assuming he doesn’t in fact have one. He could have an anonymous profile, but from what we’ve heard he doesn’t. We love Miller and think he’s an awesome choice for the huge job he’s about to take on. And now’s the time for him to start using MySpace.