My lord's $120 lightbulb has arrived, my lord

If cost is no object and all you care about is energy savings (you rich, selfless bastard you), then this light bulb should be your first consideration. The GeoBulb is an LED bulb that produces the same light as a 60-watt incandescent with just 7.5 watts — a power savings of almost 90 percent. The problem is, it costs $120, a price increase of about a gazillion percent over regular bulbs, and even more over these super-efficient ones we heard about a little while ago.

Interestingly, the cheaper bulbs are rated as lasting for 100,000 hours (unverified, I should say, unless they watched one constantly for 30 years) and these expensive ones for “only” 30,000 hours. So while three of the $3 bulbs will last you for life, it’ll cost you a grand or more to outfit yourself with these mega-efficient ones. But think of the energy savings!

It comes in three shades: warm, cool, and soft. I like soft.

[via HardOCP]