Android handwriting recognition app coming


If the thought of turning your G1 90 degrees to the left and THEN sliding the screen up to reveal the keyboard has you chomping at the bit for an alternative input method, you’ll soon be able to use your sweaty, greasy finger to write out simple words – just like a real business man from the 1990s except you’ll be using your finger, not a stylus.

The software will be coming from a company called Diotek and will recognize English and Korean languages. The company already has a relatively robust suite of handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile devices, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for it to parlay some of that expertise over to the Android platform.

No word on how much the app will cost or if anyone – and I mean anyone – will buy it. It may very well be that Diotek launches this as a sort of proof of concept for Android in the hopes that people will snap it up on future devices that don’t feature keyboards.

[via Mobility Site]