Popular songs on iTunes go to $1.29 on April 7


The new iTunes pricing scheme is set for an April 7 launch, says the Los Angeles Times. They do good work over there. Apple hasn’t revealed this date publicly, but April 7 is supposedly what Cupertino is telling record labels. Remember: prices now top out at $1.29 for popular songs. Think Britney Spears—she’s still popular, right?—Lady Gaga, anything with Auto Tune, etc. This country, I swear. (Although, let the record show, I do like Taylor Swift, which makes me a complete hypocrite and a half-idiot. And I’m not even talking about, “Wow, she’s hot,” (blondes do nothing for me) I actually mean I enjoy her music. Sue me.)

Most songs, it should be noted, will remain at the comfortable $0.99 price point, it’s just that the record labels are so incredibly greedy that they’re willing to alienate their audience (again) by raising prices. You know, during a proper recession. That’s smart business. The record industry could use some Mad Good PR.

That really cannot be overstated, the utter stupidity of the record labels to demand an extra 30 cents from the music-buying public. Even putting the recession aside, on what planet is it a good idea to raise prices on a customer base that is just getting the hang of buying digital music? Ninety-nine cents is an impulse buy; $1.29, what is that?

Whatever, good luck to the labels, I guess. And kudos to Apple to buckling to the pressure.

I dare you to listen to this and not tap your toe; it’s impossible.