Google lays off 200

Google has cut 200 jobs in sales and marketing, a first for the search giant. According to VWag a tipster wrote:

A friend of mine in the San Francisco office’s AdWords division (who wants to remain nameless) was laid off this morning. She also said there were 200 people total. They are still on payroll for two months and have the opportunity to apply for other jobs within the company. If they don’t have another job at the end of the 60 days they get a severance package.

The official Goog blog says that the lay-offs are an effort to rethink some of their internal organizations, essentially cutting fat in a way that won’t tank their stock price and/or won’t run afoul of SEC rules. At least they’re not sending 5,000 jobs to Hyderabad.

Google and Apple have been dropping these tiny lay-off bombs while the rest of the world is shedding thousands of jobs. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months – either it will be piddly lay-off after piddly lay-off or we’re going to see a big cut at some point. What think you? Is this it for Google or are things going downhill?