California hopes to help the environment by banning black cars

Presumably this car is fine.
Mafia types and limousine drivers take note: according to the latest California Air Resources Board report, dark and black cars could soon be verboten. Why? Because darker colors require heavier air conditioner usage, naturally.

A Mythbusters-type test is in order here but I suspect that the actual difference, internally and while in motion, between a white car and a black car is negligible and as anyone who has gotten into a hot car – any color hot car – that AC is going on ASAP anyway.

The recommendation appears in CARB Cool Cars Standards and Test Procedures which will require 20% solar reflectivity in all colors by 2016, thereby forcing pigment-makers to rethink those glossy colors. This change should also change the actual quality of the color, rendering black a dull brown. Maybe they need Tru-coat? Or maybe some nano-paint with the same coloration but lower reflectivity?